Welcome to xDai Chain!

Welcome to the best resource for information on xDai Chain! 

What is xDai Chain? xDai Chain is an Ethereum-based blockchain that uses USD-stable XDAI (a representation of DAI token) as the native coin of the network. xDai Chain will be fast and cost efficient, using Proof-of-Authority consensus model and having 5 second block times.

What is XDAI?

XDAI is the USD-stable coin that is a representation of DAI but lives on xDai Chain, instead of Ethereum mainnet. XDAI is the native coin on xDai Chain and is used as the currency and for transaction fees on the network.


How can I learn more? 


Please browse the site for more information and releases about xDai Chain, we hope you learn a lot about the project and we see you at the github!




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