Ecosystem Tools: Explorer, Wallets, DApps

How can I find statistics on xDai transactions, user addresses etc?

BlockScout is a full-featured, open-source explorer that supports xDai. It lets you explore all transactional aspects on chain.
For usage statistics, see the Dune Analytics Dashboard.

What wallets are available to use with xDai?

We are fortunate to have the support of quite a number of wallets, including some amazing mobile wallets like AlphaWallet, DEX wallet **and Poketto, and web wallets like Portis Wallet. You can use MetaMask, and Nifty Wallet and Saturn Wallet are additional web3 wallets similar to MetaMask but containing additional features that natively support xDai.
The biggest wallet use case is Burner Wallet - as this is really designed for small, stable payments and for conferences and events. We invite you to check out our wallets page for more information.
When using a wallet, you will use the same 0x address that you use on Ethereum, just connect to the xDai network to get started.

How can I develop and deploy a DApp on xDai?

Since xDai is an Ethereum-compatible sidechain, you can use the same tools (like Truffle), languages (Solidity) and environments you are used to using with Ethereum. With a few quick tweaks, your DApp can also be running on xDai. See Smart Contract Deployment for details.

MetaMask isn't working, what should I do?

This usually happens due to a MetaMask (MM) update and can be fixed by resaving the xDai custom network in MM. If you haven't setup xDai for MM yet, see these instructions.

Resaving / Resetting xDai on MetaMask

1) Go to My Accounts -> Settings.
2) Scroll down and select Networks.
3) Scroll and select xDai.
4) Check parameters are correct and click Save ( more info on parameters). If issues persist, try switching to a different RPC endpoint following the same instructions.
Some users have also reported that adding "Mainnet" to the Network Name (the first field) can cause issues. In the example below, we just call the network "xDai".


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