STAKE Staking Token FAQ
STAKE/GNO swap is live:​
STAKE emissions and rewards will be deprecated during the first half of 2022. Swapping will be live until that time. Once the Gnosis Chain merges with the Gnosis Beacon Chain, the swap will be deactivated.

If I only need xDai coins for transactions, what is STAKE used for?

STAKE is a volatile token used as a staking token to protect the Gnosis chain. It enables delegated staking and community participation in GC consensus.
You do not need STAKE to use the Gnosis chain for regular transactions. You only need STAKE if you want to be a validator or delegator on the xDai chain or to participate in governance.
More on the Dual Token Model.

How do I get STAKE on Ethereum?

How do I get STAKE on Gnosis Chain?

It is not recommended to acquire STAKE as it will be deprecated soon. To participate in staking or governance, acquire GNO instead.

What are the STAKE contract addresses?

I've got STAKE but can't find it in my wallet.

You may need to add a custom token:
Click on the fox icon in BlockScout or the OmniBridge to quickly add to MetaMask, or add manually. Instructions for adding with MetaMask.

I want to stake STAKE Now! Is it possible?

Yes...However it is recommended to stake on the Gnosis Beacon Chain with GNO.

STAKE with DeFi: How do I trade / farm / lend STAKE?

There are many DeFi applications on GC, most are now focused on GNO rather than STAKE. Below is a short list. For more on what is possible in the Gnosis Chain ecosystem, see​

Is public staking available on Gnosis Chain?

Yes, public staking is now active on GC. It will continue until Q2 of 2022 when STAKE can no longer be swapped for GNO. GNO staking is available now on the Gnosis Beacon Chain.

How much STAKE will I need for public staking?

The current projected minimum amounts needed to validate or delegate on the GC.
  • Validators: 2K STAKE (reduced from initial 20K amount)
  • Delegators: 200 STAKE* (Initial amount was 1K, reduced to 200 through a community proposal)

What is the STAKE Marketcap?

You can find information on the STAKE Marketcap and supply here:​

How do I transfer STAKE from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Gnosis Chain?

Why is STAKE an ERC677?

ERC677 is very similar to an ERC20, but includes additional functionality. We use the transferandCall functionality to enable easier bridge conversions, moving STAKE from the Ethereum Mainnet to the xDai chain and back.
For more information see the EIP677 standard

Can I move STAKE on the Gnosis Chain directly to the Huobi Exchange or AscendEx exchange?


To move to Huobi, you will first need to have your STAKE on the Ethereum mainnet as an ERC20. If you currently have STAKE on GC, you should bridge it back to Ethereum with the OmniBridge before sending to the Huobi exchange.
If you send STAKE on GC directly to Huobi, the Gnosis Chain team cannot help with this issue and you will need to contact Huobi directly.
Note: The transfer operation between xDai and STAKE can be costly, more on gas fees associated with bridging to Ethereum.

AscendEx (formerly BitMax)

It is possible to send STAKE on GC to the AscendEx exchange. Be sure to connect to the correct chain when sending STAKE to AscendEx. More information​
Note: if you have STAKE on xDai on AscendEx and want to transfer it to Huobi, be sure to exchange it to STAKE on Ethereum before transferring between exchanges.