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2021 Weekly Updates
⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 09/04/2021
3 April - 9 April 2021

📽️ Project News & Updates

🦉Gnosis Auction

Gnosis Auction is live on Mainnet and xDai! Auctions have already started on Ethereum, and we expect a large auction coming to xDai 🔜!

💳 CardStack

Cardstack announces Card Pay payment and reward network integration with xDai.
Cardstack Integrates With xDAI

📜 Request Network

Request integrates with xDai to provide invoicing and crypto payment services with low fees!
NEW: xDai and Request Partnership. Request becomes multi-chain for scalability with xDai Stable Chain | Request

🏦 DeBank

DeBank has added support for DeFi projects on xDai. The DeBank dashboard provides easy insight and cross-chain portfolio management.
xDai & DeBank Announcement

🖥️ Ankr API

Ankr is now integrated with xDai and instructions are available for using their API services.

💎 World Economic Forum Summit

Events are back! A custom burner wallet was featured at the World Economic Fund Global Technology Governance Summit where users could trade NFTs on xDai.
Chainlink continues their support for xDai with a new tutorial on their blog.


TokenPocket announced they support xDai - users will be able to connect their wallet to xDai chain to access xDai-based DeFis and DApps.
TokenPocket has reached a strategy collaboration with xDAI chain

🦈 Mixsome Cash

Mixsome is running on xDai with their DeFi action flows, all with varying APYs. Transactions are bundled and simplified to give more DeFi access to new users.
Mixsome + xDAI = Feeless DeFi