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2021 Weekly Updates
⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 12/03/21
06 March -12 March 2021

POSDAO & Protocol Updates

We are currently nearing the end of Epoch 47. There are 16 validator pools with 242 delegators staking a total of 545,127 STAKE (as of 12/03/2021 18:00 UTC).
This Week:
  • New buttons/links added to POSDAO staking app including Add xDai to MetaMask feature.
  • Market Cap surpassed 100M, Tx/day approaching 250K.
New actions for users incorporated into Staking DApp

Project News


Superfluid streams now available on xDai. Already being incorporated by DAOs and others to provide regular, automated income streams.

Mt Pelerin

The bridge wallet is now compatible with xDai, and includes a new Fiat onramp, allowing users directly access to xDai with a bank transfer

MultiChain XYZ

Upgrade adds xDai to multichain nodes!


MyCrypto article series on xDai continues with the 2nd installment, all about bridges and interoperability.


A new decentralized messaging platform from the FoundryDAO now on xDai. Uncensorable messages on chain!


FunFair showcased their new multiplayer game in development on xDai called Payloads. Gameplay was smooth, fun and fast!

Unlock Protocol

Unlock lets you easily lock and manage access to your content, apps, community and even real life events and spaces. Now on xDai!


xDai is the first planned integration for Cargo, Coming Soon!


Eporio introduced their NFT airdrops feature, allowing users to send NFTs to multiple users on xDai.

Nifty Chess Tournament

Nifty Chess continues to bring NFTs to the chess world with tournaments and xDai airdrops!