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2021 Weekly Updates
⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 16/04/2021
10 April - 16 April 2021

POSDAO & Protocol Updates

The protocol is currently in Epoch 52. There are 16 validator pools with 272 delegators staking a total of 536,276 STAKE. High pool APY is currently18.82%, low is 10.87% (stats as of 16/04/2021 16:40 UTC).

20 Million Total Transactions Milestone

Real world usage! Transactions have eclipsed 20,000,000 total transactions over the life of the xDai chain.

BlockScout Improvements

BlockScout Explorer customizations continue to improve the xDai experience. The new cancel transaction feature lets users quickly and easily deal with stuck transactions.

BSC OmniBridge Feature Update

Moving assets between bridges can be difficult if you don't have native assets. The latest upgrade to the BSC bridge lets users send wrapped BNB to the Binance Smart Chain from xDai and receive BNB directly on BSC. Users can then use the native BNB to pay for txs and process additional bridge transfers between chains.

Project News & Updates

MakerDAO L2 Community Call

The xDai team participated in a call with the MakerDAO Community to discuss on-chain scalability, Optimism, what is or isn't an L2 and many other topics. Checkout the video

PoolTogether xDai support

PoolTogether community builder now supports xDai. Users can easily create no-loss savings pools.
PoolTogether - Community Pools
PoolTogether - Community Pools

RaidGuild Smart Invoice Launch

Derify Protocol on xDai

Derify chooses to launch on xDai. Read more on their decision making process
Performance, Cost and Future Outlook of On-chain Transactions on Derify

TradingView integrates with HoneySwap

"7 Ways to Get xDai" Explainer by Minerva

Minerva Wallet created a simple doc detailing the many ways new users can get xDai right now.