EasyStaking Launch Initiative Update
July 2020: xDai Foundation will dedicate 100% of token unlocks through end of year
Easy Staking is now live at https://easy-staking.xdaichain.com/​

EasyStaking Initiative Update

xDai Foundation to bootstrap and provide ongoing support the EasyStaking protocol

EasyStaking is coming soon to Ethereum, and the xDai Foundation is excited to support and develop this new protocol. To show our support and dedication from the start, the foundation will devote 100% of all STAKE tokens received through the token release schedule to the protocol through the end of the year. This includes the 139,809 token unlock on July 22 This will serve several purposes.
  1. 1.
    Foundation token unlocks will support the staking environment, they will not be sold on exchanges or enter the marketplace in other ways.
  2. 2.
    Foundation tokens will immediately and meaningfully increase EasyStaking supply. A higher supply results in higher emission rates for every participant. See EasyStaking for more information.
The xDai community is growing, and we are 100% dedicated to supporting the community through the new and innovative EasyStaking platform.

What's next?

EasyStaking is currently completing a security audit with Quantstamp. Once the audit is finished, we will post a timeline for deployment and launch. On launch, stakers will be able to move their STAKE tokens into the protocol and immediately earn emissions. There is no minimum amount to stake (well, it is 0.000000000000000001 STAKE!) and no minimum unlock period, although staking for longer periods provides higher rewards.
We will post tutorials on the process, but it is very intuitive to deposit and withdraw STAKE from the protocol. In addition, liquidity providers (those who add STAKE to Uniswap) will benefit from EasyStaking. See EasyStaking and EasyStaking Parameters for more info.
As usage grows, we expect to integrate the staking protocol with additional ecosystem tools and DApps, including staking from hardware wallets and other integrations.
Thank you to the excellent xDai Community for making this possible, we look forward to launching the protocol and staking with you soon!
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