GR8 Hackathon Results
The GitCoin GR8 hackathon was held in December 2020, with judging completed on Jan 4 2021. xDai sponsored bounties for applications deploying to xDai. We received 7 excellent submissions and chose 3 winners based on Usefulness, Creativity, Usability, and a working Demo. Judges included members of xDai, StakeHaus and Raidguild. For more details about the hackathon, see


Crosschain Arbitrage Graph by @makoto_inoue ​

The Crosschain Arbitrage Graph gives users data they need to find arbitrage opportunities and view historical price margins of ERC20s between HoneySwap on xDai and Uniswap on Mainnet.

Smart Giveaway by @dimahledba​

The Smart Giveaway platform lets users setup a customizable twitter giveaway then selects a random winner using on-chain POSDAO random number generation. The platform includes a robust UI along with the ability to interact with the randomAura contract on xDai.

Buck Social by @LucasMoskun​

Buck Social is a simple $1 dollar betting platform built on xDai where users can verifiably "shake" on a bet. A notification system was added to the platform to increase usability. Users can add comments about bets, and are informed about new bets and bet status updates.