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Scalable framework for blockchain-based shared manufacturing

Nejc Rožman, J. Diaci, Marko Corn (2021) Scalable framework for blockchain-based shared manufacturing Robotics Comput. Integr. Manuf. Volume 71, October 2021, 102139.
This paper presents a scalable framework for blockchain-based Shared Manufacturing that preserves the transparency and immutability characteristics of transaction records, which is critical to building trust between entities in blockchain-based systems. The authors compare implementations of the proposed framework on two different blockchain networks: Ethereum public network and xDai Network. We conduct user-oriented test to explore the performance (cost and time) of the implementations in realistic situations in order to justify the use of the sidechain technology. Results indicate that the implementation on xDai provides greater scalability than the implementation on the public blockchain network.

A comparative analysis of the platforms for decentralized autonomous organizations in the Ethereum blockchain

Youssef Faqir-Rhazoui, J. Arroyo, Samer Hassan (2021) A comparative analysis of the platforms for decentralized autonomous organizations in the Ethereum blockchain Journal of Internet Services and Applications volume 12, Article number: 9 (2021)
The authors review three primary platforms (Aragon, DAOstack, DAOhaus) facilitating the creation and management of DAOs, introduce their main differences, and compare them using quantitative metrics. They analyze data from 72,320 users and 2,353 DAO communities from both the main Ethereum network (mainnet) and a parallel Ethereum network (xDai). Four dimensions are explored: growth, activity, voting system and funds.
Regarding xDai adoption, in Aragon xDai DAOs represent 15.71% of the total number of DAOs, while xDai users are 30.1% of the total. Aragon started using xDai from July 2020. Note there is no available data about the proposals in xDai in Aragon.
In the case of DAOhaus, xDai DAOs are 24.89% from its total, while xDai users are 18.34%, and the xDai proposals represent 24.93% of all proposals. Similar to Aragon, DAOhaus uses xDai since July 2020.
Finally, in DAOstack the DAOs in xDai are 62.71% from its total, xDai users are 45.51%, and the number of xDai proposals are 19.16% from the total. The adoption of xDai in terms of users and DAOs is significantly higher than in the other two platforms. This may be explained by the fact that DAOstack started using xDai earlier, since February 2020.
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