Ecosystem Fund Roadmap
A fund designed to support sustainable, long-term growth of the xDai chain
Roadmaps will be updated due to the Gnosis merge. Look for a new roadmap related to the Gnosis Beacon Chain and other exciting developments coming in 2022.
xDai STAKE Ecosystem fund unlocks began March 31, 2021. This is an important fund designed to support the further development, expansion, and adoption of xDai and STAKE. As such, funds will be used in a number of ways.
Here we offer some initial use cases for the fund. We will continue to expand this page, adding additional uses and use-cases as they arise. If you have an idea for usage that aligns with xDai values (long-term growth, neutral ecosystem expansion, security and support, and sustainable project development) please feel free to propose in our forum.
Ecosystem Fund Details:

Funding Allocations 2021

Funding amounts are approximate and provided in STAKE. We will include additional details such as tx hashes, gnosis safe addresses and other data as they become available.
We are exploring additional measures to ensure fund transparency and funding alignment with community and development needs.

Gnosis Partnership

Immunefi Bug Bounties

  • 400,000+ STAKE to support multiple bounties. Paid as needed.
  • We plan to initiate additional high-value bounties for EasyStaking, POSDAO and other applications with available STAKE ecosystem funds. More here​

xDai Grants Program

  • 43,000 STAKE Wave 1. Paid on approval.
  • The xDai Grants Program will begin to support projects requiring funds for development, adoption, use-case support or other features. A form for wave 1 applicants will be available when the program begins. More info​

STAKE Multi-Chain Staking

While initially implemented on the xDai chain, STAKE is designed for use on additional networks for staking and other utilities. This initiative will increase STAKE usage and demand as additional networks are able to utilize STAKE for security. Details and amounts TBD.

Increase STAKE Liquidity on DEX / CEX Platforms

When providing liquidity to DEXs in the ecosystem it is necessary to provide 2 different assets. To prevent the sale of STAKE to acquire these assets, we will leverage protocols such as Unit Protocol and MakerDAO to lock in STAKE and acquire additional collateral to support liquidity. Any positions we open will be with a high collateral to debt ratio to prevent unexpected liquidation and unnecessary risk.

Infrastructure/Ecosystem Support

xDai Community Initiatives and Other Use Cases

Community members can suggest usage for funds by creating a proposal and a linked snapshot where users can vote on proposed usage of the funds. This acts a signaling mechanism for the community and what innovations they would like to see on xDai. More on the Decentralized Community Governance Process.


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