World Economic Forum Global Technology Governance Summit 2021
Custom Burner Wallet and Digital Gemstone NFT Experience
When: 06—07 April 2021
Where: Global Virtual Event, hosted by Japan
What: The Global Technology Governance Summit (GTGS) is presented by the World Economic Forum and hosted by Japan in 2021. The summit aims to be the foremost global multistakeholder gathering dedicated to ensuring the responsible design and deployment of emerging technologies through public-private collaboration.
xDai: To highlight emerging blockchain technologies, a customized burner wallet developed by Austin Griffith and running on xDai is provided to participants. Each wallet is delivered with a small amount of GTGSCoin and xDai for transaction fees. In the integrated NFT marketplace, users can buy and sell NFT shards of digital gemstones. Prices adjust based on supply and demand.
This interactive experience lets users try minting and burning NFTs on-chain. xDai provides fast transactions and the burner wallet UX provides a simple introduction to NFTs and seamless blockchain interaction.
Loaded Burner Wallet (.1 GTGS Coin)
Minting an NFT shard (sub 5 seconds)
Click to view transactions and wallet interactions on BlockScout
GTGS Coin and Collectibles in BlockScout
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