Digital Voting
Blockchain technology promises to empower individuals through secure, transparent and non-censorable systems. An application of this technology is governance and on-chain voting, which provide an opportunity for free and open democracy.
When each vote can be verified and is tamper-proof, users know that their vote is submitted and counts towards the outcome. This is vital for participation, and is true for small communities, petitions, and local governance (and DAOs!), as well much larger communities (such as national elections).
To be effective, voting much be easy with few constraints, allow for anonymity, be scalable for users, very inexpensive (so no-one is excluded), and ideally able to run from a smartphone. Votes must be trackable in real-time and not censorable by any entity.
With fast and inexpensive processing, the Gnosis chain is well suited to accommodate fair and transparent voting processes for many different situations. The need for this technology is apparent now more than ever, and we are excited to see new innovations on GC related to digital and blockchain voting.

Voting Use Case: Vocdoni

Vocdoni's mission is to develop and integrate the necessary tools to enable a privacy-centric digital governance with a built-in anonymous digital voting system. Vocdoni has been developing their infrastructure for several years, and is now using GC to deploy their voting smart contracts and act as a verifiable source of truth for the voting process. They use a multi-layered process to create scalability, data storage and smart contract deployment.
Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai) provides accessibility and scalability now, and current limitations on Ethereum make it a preferred solution to empower all users as well as the voting platform itself! Read more about this integration and why Vocdoni chose to leverage GC for their voting application.
Vocdoni switched to xDai chain
Aragon's Blog

Voting as a Service

An introduction to the operation of Vocdoni's digital voting infrastructure and a guide on how to integrate it into other projects.
Introducing Voting as a Service
Aragon's Blog
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