Peer-to-Peer Payments
Fast and efficient stable payments are possible with GC
Sending money to a friend, relative or vendor is fast, cheap and easy. It’s also stable, as the value of xDai closely follows the US dollar. Peer-to-peer (P2P) payments on the blockchain can replace the current expensive, slow, bank-driven processes that dominate online payment systems today. It’s already happening - the case studies below highlight xDai P2P in action.

Case Studies using BurnerWallet

BurnerWallet was the simple UI and xDAi was the currency used to purchase food, merch, and much more during these large-scale events. Click on either to learn more.


Denver, Colorado on February 2019
Custom BurnerWallet I for EthDenver loaded with tokens and one NFT reward
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Ethereal NYC

New York, New York on May 2019
Custom Burner Wallet I for Ethereal NYC
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Success factors

​Burner Wallet: Burner Wallet provides a quick and simple interface for carrying and exchanging small amounts of spending crypto using a mobile browser.
Dai: A stable coin launched by MakerDAO that collateralizes Ether to maintain a consistent $1 valuation for each circulating stable coin.
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