Blockchain Games
A more responsive UX, micropayments, and predictable cross-chain interactions are achievable in a stable ecosystem.
When transaction fees and speeds are a known quantity, developers can plan and execute accordingly, and players can be onboarded quickly with low barriers to entry.
See the DarkForest Project for an in-depth overview of a cutting-edge blockchain game on xDai.

Games Case Study: DAOG

DAOG, by Austin Griffith, is a browser based game where players can explore DAO membership and on-chain governance while playing a game in a massive multi-player environment. Emojis are used to represent rule-based smart contracts which can be created by any player and voted on by the group. This makes each game unique and open-ended as the players decide on the rules of play.
The DAOG in Austin's words:
“The 🐶DAOG is an open-ended governance game where emojis are controlled by smart contracts. Players buy in, build, explore, vote, and politic their way to the victory condition to win the pot! It’s like fantasy football for crypto-nerds.”

Game Features Leveraging xDai

Instant onboarding is available for players through pre-created accounts funded with a small amount of xDai, providing the opportunity for blockchain introduction and game play among crypto-novices as well as crypto-nerds.
Because many micro transactions are occurring simultaneously across a decentralized group of players, it's vital to use a chain with low, predicable costs and high speeds. The xDai chain is a natural fit for multi-player game environments.
Play the alpha version now at​

DAOG Update 9/2019

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DAOG - An open ended decentralized governance game
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