Dune Analytics integration provides visual insights into xDai usage

xDai is tightly integrated with Dune Analytics, and we have created several dashboards to provide metrics and insights about xDai usage. Community members and project devs can also use these dashboards as a starting point to create and provide their own project-related metrics.

Current Dashboards

xDai Chain Usage

Transactions Per Day/Per Month/ Daily Transactions by Project

xDai Staking

Validator Pools, Total STAKE Staked on xDai, Amount Staked/Unstaked per day

xDai Bridge

DAI Locked over Time, Accounts over Time, Transfers by Amount, Alternate Receiver Usage


Daily Transfers, Total Transfers, Daily Unique Accounts

OmniBridge Stable Coins

Daily Unique Accounts, Daily Stablecoin Transfers, Stablecoin TVL over time