EasyStaking v POSDAO

EasyStaking is a staking application for STAKE on Ethereum. There is no minimum required to participate. Rewards increase over time and are based on the length of time STAKE is placed in the protocol, and the total supply of STAKE. Rewards are earned at 15% APR, but are shared between EasyStakers and Liquidity Providers who provide liquidity to Uniswap.

POSDAO is staking on xDai, where you can run a node as a validator or delegate on other validators. There is currently a minimum of 200 STAKE required to delegate, and 2K Stake to validate. Rewards are earned at 15% APR, and participants receive this amount unless delegation share reaches more than 70% of a validating node.

Staking carries inherent risk relative to expected rewards. EasyStaking contracts are audited and rewards are not dependent on validator actions. However, rewards are typically lower than with POSDAO. POSDAO rewards are higher, but depend on the validator's uptime and behavior. If a validator behaves correctly, rewards are higher. If not, rewards may be negligible along with possibility of frozen assets for a period of 90 days. Weigh risks with rewards when deciding your optimal staking strategy.