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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 20/11/2020

14 November - 20 November 2020

This week we highlight several crowd-sourced funding platforms on xDai. The blockchain community is rallying around projects and building infrastructure from the ground up. Matching funds are helping smaller projects and developers realize a decentralized future!

Note that we will skip several weekly updates over the holiday season. We will not publish a weekly update next week: November 21 - 28.

💰 Ecosystem Funding

Buidl Guidl

Austin Griffith's latest project aims to connect funders and developers through a quadratic funding mechanism. This provides signals about what funders want in rapid rounds, and devs can then rapidly iterate on experimental projects designed to support the entire Ethereum Ecosystem. Funding is on Ethereum, at https://support.buidlguidl.com/ and bounties are on xDai. Many xDai-centric projects are available to fund.


clr.fund provides permissionless quadratic funding to Ethereum projects. After a successful first run, clr.fund Round 1 introduces BrightID for Sybil resistance and mid-round sign ups for contributors. This round ~$1,000 of matching funds were provided by STAKEhaus (a moloch DAO on xDai sponsored by RaidGuild and xDAI).

🦋 DAOs, Projects & Interop


An xDai representative has been voted into the governing board of PrimeDAO on xDai. We join many other projects helping to realize the next era of DeFi.


xDai STAKE is included as one of the first pools in this new protocol designed to fund charitable projects.

Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual Protocol wrapped up Round 2 of their testing competition on xDai. A primary takeaway from using xDai "Assuming a gas cost of 50 gwei, traders saved an estimated 1021 ETH in gas fees! (approx. 460,000 USD) 🙌"

Artis Bridge

An AMB instance of the TokenBridge was opened between ARTIS and xDai, enabling new cross-chain functionality.

KickBack Event

After a few weeks hiatus, a new Personal Talkens event was held on KickBack including sponsorship funds from xDai.