Projects & DApps
Projects and applications migrating and/or deploying to xDai
A list of applications using xDai is catalogued below.
We highlight some of the applications below in the Projects & DApps section of the website. See the submenu for more.
There is also a community-curated site for xDai projects and applications located at
xDai Stable Chain is an EVM-compatible Ethereum Sister Chain. This means any Smart Contract or DApp deployed on Ethereum can also be deployed on xDai with minimal changes. Developers and projects can deploy and/or migrate to xDai to realize big cost savings and escape congestion. Forks of popular projects are also deployed on xDai to take advantage of stable network mechanics, speed and low transaction costs. Applications can move completely to xDai, or live on multiple networks at once, serving different audiences and experimenting with different modes of operation and cross-chain interoperability.

3rd Party Projects/Dapps Deployed on xDai Include:

Primary Partnerships


  • 1Hive: DAO with a Community Currency & DEX on xDai
    • Aragon Connect: Deployed by 1Hive, provides DAO governance and proposal functionality.
  • RaidGuild:
    • WrapEth: xDai wrapper to convert native xDai to wrapped wxDai
    • Sablier: Streaming money
  • Colony DAO framework: Organization tool for DAOs
  • Origin Trail: Universal, collaborative and trusted data exchange for supply chains. More info
  • Streamr: Real-time data streams with scalable crowdsourced data sets.
  • Orchid: Pay-per-use VPN
  • Swarm: A global p2p network tasked for storing and distributing all of the world's data.
  • Tornado: Private transactions on xDai
  • DAppNode: Node provisions & infra support.

Bridges & Interoperability

  • xDai Bridge: Dai transfers between Ethereum & xDai
  • OmniBridge: ERC20 transfers between xDai, Ethereum, BSC, POA & testnets
  • Hop Exchange: Bridge between Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, Optimism & Arbitrum
  • xPollinate: Stable coin bridge between xDai, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum & Avalanche
  • cBridge: USDC & USDT transfers between Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, Avalanche, OKEx, BSC, Arbitrum, Fantom, Optimism, Heco
  • oPortal: USDT bridge between Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, OKEX, BSC, Harmony, Avalanche, Fantom & Heco
  • ARTIS Bridge: A TokenBridge implementation connecting the ARTIS and xDai chains.
  • ELK Bridge: Transfer ELK between xDai, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, BSC & Huobi Eco.
  • Poly.Network: Multi cross-chain transfers. Follow this guide to move any asset.
  • Mt Pelerin Bridge Wallet: Move MPS security tokens between Ethereum and xDai with a built-in swap button.
  • XP.Network: Multi-chain bridge with NFT focus
  • Prism Network: Cross-chain ecosystem


Exchanges & Swaps

Farms | Reward Token


DeFi Applications
  • Dmex: Decentralized Derivatives Exchange
  • Unicrypt: Presale Platform and Liquidity Token Locker
  • DeFi Wizard: DeFi Smart Contract Building Platform
  • pNetwork: Cross-chain pBTC
  • Deus: Stock and Commodities trading
  • Hedgey Finance: Decentralized Financial Derivatives Protocol
  • YFX: Futures Trading Platform
  • MixSome: DeFi Yield Flows
  • DefiVille: Tip with xDai in this gamified farming app
  • Clover Finance: Multi-chain indexing, compatibility and payments
  • DxSale: Token mint, launch and lock platform.
  • Rubic: Cross-chain swaps
  • Unidex: Limit order platform
  • Hop: Cross-chain exchange/liquidity portal
  • Glufco: Bolivar to xDai exchange & payment app
Fiat OnRamps
DeFi Dashboards
Coin & Token Focused Projects
  • Rare Coin: an free-to-claim and ultra-rare currency anyone can farm.
  • Fraction: Token supply of 1 allocated in fractions.
  • MIVA Supertoken: Streamable utility token for Minerva Wallet Users

NFT-based projects

  • Crypto stamp: Digital NFT + Physical Postage Stamps from the Austrian Post
  • Nifty.Ink: Create, send and bridge artistic NFTs
  • Genuino: Authenticated Physical Products + NFTs. Featuring an exclusive partnership with AC Fiorentina.
  • Chievmint: The Ministry for Minting Achievements
  • Shenanigan: Grassroots athletic sponsorship
  • BeyondNFT: Generative NFTs
  • NiftyChess: Preserve chess boards as NFTs
  • Unique Bubbles: Limited, unique and personalized NFTs created and owned by the community
  • HashAvatars: generated with a hash name on xDai
  • xDai Tigers: Own a tiger with special privileges on xDai
  • Knockoff: Imitation creation of your favorite NFTs
  • NFT Calendar: Listing space for ongoing and upcoming NFT drops
  • xDaiPunks: 3D Punk NFTs on the xDai Chain
NFT Marketplaces
  • Cargo: Create, share, sell and buy digital collectibles
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Eporio: NFT Marketplace - Easily Create and Trade NFTs
  • Unifty: NFT project hub for custom farms and collections.
  • XLR8R: Curated digital music NFT platform
  • NiftyZone: NFT marketplace specializing in Asia based artists
  • TokenUp: Create, buy and sell NFTs
  • Snafu: Digital Artist Collective
  • Crowdsale platform for fractionalized art, v1 built on xDai
  • PolkaDoge: Memecoin NFT Marketplace
  • Foundation: Emerging artist marketplace, v1 built on xDai. More on their xDai Integration.
  • Projects that use xDai for NFT minting include:

Token Distribution

Community Engagement



  • LexDAO: The decentralized legal engineering guild
  • RaidGuild: Slaying your web3 product demons
  • ChievDAO: Recognizing creators in the DAO and the wider Ethereum ecosystem
  • The ShillShop: We Provide marketing, community, and content
  • Defiant Pixel Society: A secret organization dedicated to creation with a focus on NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs
  • PrinterDAO: Decentralized platform to access large scale printing
  • Stakehaus: DAO by and for the xDai Community
  • PrimeDAO: Builder collective committed to systemic DeFi advancement
  • DXdao: A sovereign collective bringing decentralization to DeFi
  • Peerion: DAO-owned DeFi liquidity provider and staking service
  • DAOSquare: Web3 Incubator
  • BrightDAO: Decentralized proof-of-uniqueness

Universal Basic Income (UBI), Payments & Streaming Income


  • DuneAnalytics: Cross-chain dashboard creator
  • Dappquery: Smart Contract dashboards, metrics and visualizations
  • Tenderly: xDai transaction inspection - smart contracts can also be pushed to the dashboard for real-time monitoring
  • Chainbeat: Monitoring and analytics tools for DApp developers.
  • LiquidityFolio: Comparisons and forecasts across liquidity pools assets
  • AnyBlock Analytics: Network Metric Dashboards
  • Cryptofees: Protocol Economic Activity



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