Discover, join or launch your own DAO

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are thriving on the blockchain. Unfortunately, high gas prices have created a situation where governance is very expensive. Proposal creation and voting is what allows DAOs to make decisions, choose directions and create rules for their organizations in a decentralized way. To alleviate these cost concerns, DAOHaus has created an instance on the xDai chain!

🏡 Visit Daohaus, the no code platform for launching magic internet communities now at https://daohaus.club/

🤑 You will also need some xDai - you can convert Dai to xDai using the bridge UI at https://bridge.xdaichain.com/. Connect your web3 wallet to Ethereum and select the amount of Dai to transfer. Once it is transferred, connect to the xDai network to interact with Daohaus.

🦊 Need help setting up MetaMask & connecting to xDai?

Convert your xDai to wrapped xDai (wxDai) with https://wrapeth.com/. Connect to the xDai network to access your xDai and convert.

Daohaus strives to be the most forward-thinking, user-friendly Dao experience. In Daohaus, you can discover and join existing Daos, as well as launch your own. Launching a Dao on Daohaus provides a landing page where others can pledge to join. With tje latest release, Daos also get a Pokemol (mobile-friendly app for dao proposal interaction) interface automatically.