Exchange Dai for MOONs to use on Reddit
Many articles have been popping up for people wanting to exchange their Reddit MOONs for Dai and other cryptocurrency. This is made possible thanks to a multi-hop bridging (moving from Rinkeby -> xDai -> Ethereum) with TokenBridge and HoneySwap on xDai.
Just as you can convert MOONs to Dai, you can also convert Dai to MOONs. This allows anyone to purchase MOONs and use them to tip other Redditors and even buy coins for exclusive use in the subreddit.
The steps use the same process as the MOON -> Dai conversion, though mostly in reverse.
1) Grab some Dai on Ethereum. You can get it from a CEX, a DEX, Uniswap, a friend or a myriad of other ways.
2) Bridge your Dai to xDai. Go to, connect your MetaMask to the Mainnet, pay a little Eth in gas and go. Instructions if needed.
3) Swap xDai for xMOONs on Honeyswap. Go to, connect your MetaMask to xDai chain (instructions), select xDai to xMOON and swap.
4) Add xMoons to your MetaMask wallet. Click Add Custom Token and paste in the xMoon address: 0x1e16aa4Df73d29C029d94CeDa3e3114EC191E25A
5) Exchange xMoons on xDai to MOONs on Rinkeby. Use the burner wallet plugin at, connect your MetaMask Wallet and click Exchange.
Select From xMoon to MOON and click Confirm
6) Send MOONs from your MetaMask address to your Reddit Vault (assuming you don't have it connected to your MM) To get your Reddit Vault address, go to the mobile app and click on the dots, then copy the address.
Now use MetaMask to send your MOONs to this address. Connect Your MM wallet to Rinkeby Test Netowk and click on the MOON token to start.
6) Use your MOONS! Your MOONs should now arrive in your Reddit account. You can use MOONs to tip other users or convert them to coins for use within the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit. Note that any coins you convert are only usable on this particular subreddit, not on other parts of the Reddit site.
Scroll down to see your Moon balance
Click on a Moon next to a post to tip that Reddit poster
Convert your MOONs to Coins
Approve the conversion
Click Give Award to use your new Reddit Coins converted from Moons
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