Current & Future Directions for the xDai Stable Chain

The xDai roadmap is a high-level strategic plan designed to guide xDai research and development. Target dates and details are reviewed regularly and subject to move, adjust and change as the project evolves. Note that only completed items ( ✅ Status: Complete) are considered achieved project milestones.

Last update: 24.09.2020 | Changelog​

Fiat to xDai Onramp

​🎯 Target: Q4 2019 ☑ Status: In process. Carbon implementation complete, additional implementations ongoing.

Wyre integration for xDai is in development.

At the moment, to get xDai, most users have to get Dai first and relay it to xDai via xDai Bridge. The process is complicated and time-consuming due to congestions on the Ethereum networks and the probabilistic nature of Proof of Work consensus. Relayers of the xDai bridge are waiting for eight blocks on Ethereum before they relay Dai to xDai.

The xDai team is working with payment processing companies to enable Fiat to xDai onramp. To facilitate the integration of xDai fiat onramp into wallets, the team started "xDai Adoption Fund"​

Multi-Collateral Dai <-> xDai Bridge

​🎯 Target Date: Q4 2019 ✅Status: Complete. Summary:​

xDai bridge is upgraded to support both Dai and Sai.

Bridge balance migrated from Sai to Dai. Both Dai and Sai can be deposited on the Ethereum side. Sai to Dai converted automatically.

Update 4/15/2020: With the impending Sai shutdown, Sai transfers are no longer allowed on the bridge.​

Chai <-> Dai Bridge Contracts Update

​🎯 Target Date: Q1 2020 ✅Status: Completed 03/31/2020

Bridge contracts are upgraded and functional. For more on CHAI, see the Chai FAQs.

The new version of the bridge contract supports usage of the Dai Savings Rate contract through the Chai token to earn the interest for tokens deposited on the bridge balance. Dai locked in the bridge contract is converted to Chai, an interest earning form of Dai. The interest accumulated from the locked Chai during a staking epoch will be used as an additional incentive for stakers in Phase 2 of the consensus upgrade.

Consensus POSDAO Upgrade: Phase 1

​🎯 Target Date: Q1-Q2 2020 ✅Status: Completed 04/01/2020

Phase 1 of the POSDAO upgrade was successfully activated April 1, 2020.

xDai will upgrade to a Proof of Stake model in several phases. In the first phase, the current validators will receive xDai-based STAKE tokens and to protect the chain. These validators will remain in place to assist in the transition to phase 2.

For more information on this transition, see the staking roadmap.

EasyStaking STAKE on Ethereum

​🎯 Target Date: Q3 2020 ✅ Status: Completed 08/05/2020

​Easy Staking provides an alternative interest-earning application for STAKE token holders. Users can deposit STAKE tokens deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and earn a pre-determined interest rate without bridging to xDai and with no minimum STAKE amount requirements. Rewards are split among Liquidity Providers and protocol stakers.

Easy Staking serves to reduce the overall amount of STAKE in active circulation and acts as a mechanism to limit available liquidity and supply. Limited supply in the open market increases security for POSDAO chains such as the xDai stable chain.

EasyStaking Liquidity Pool Analytics

​🎯 Target Date: Q3 2020 ☑ Status: 75% complete. Distributions dashboard done.

EasyStaking rewards Liquidity Pool (LP) participants as well as stakers in the EasyStaking protocol. Rewards fluctuate based on numerous factors, and additional analytics and dashboards for LPs will be useful for determining staking strategies, reviewing historical outcomes and viewing current statistics.

We will integrate statistics views on the EasyStaking platform as well as develop additional analytics tools (currently exploring options like Dune Analytics & Graphana) for LPs.


​🎯 Target Date: Q3 2020 ☑ Status: In process. Bridge is 100% functional, UI in progress. Learn more here:​

Universal mediators will support transfers for virtually any ERC20 token to the xDai chain with no additional contract deployment. This will lower the barrier-to-entry for projects and DApps looking to move tokens to xDai and take advantage of low-fee, high-speed transactions. Users will be able to automatically create equivalent tokens on xDai ready for immediate usage.

Bridge Governance Expansion

​🎯 Target Date: Q3 2020 ☑ Status: Gnosis Safe created with 11 pending representatives. Progress update here​

Bridge management should be expanded to additional community representatives. These individuals will use a Gnosis Safe to manage bridge operations. A majority must sign to approve operations including:

  • Bridge contracts upgrades

  • Extending the set of bridge validators

  • Updating bridge parameters like number of block confirmations, transactions limits, bridge fees etc.

Privacy Preserving Transactions

​🎯 Target Date: Q4 2020 ☑ Status: In process, defining requirements and exploring approaches

Implementation of additional zero-knowledge protocols and private transactions into xDai.

Since xDai is a stable token, the primary use of the chain is peer-to-peer payments. Just as with cash, privacy and anonymity should be an option when exchanging money or paying vendors for services.

Currently, is available to users to ensure Dai anonymity. Dai can be used with before and after bridging to xDai to ensure transaction anonymity.

We also plan to implement privacy preserving transactions on xDai directly. Additionally, we plan to enable privacy for STAKE transactions, allowing for anonymous staking on xDai and Ethereum.

We have invested in several different approaches to implement different ZK protocols into xDai based applications and wallets.

Synthetic Assets on xDai based on UMA protocol

​🎯 Target Date: Q4 2020 ☑ Status: In process. 50% implementation

UMA is a decentralized financial contracts platform built to enable Universal Market Access. Use UMA’s self-enforcing contract design patterns and provably honest oracle mechanism to create your own financial products using standards like ERC20

xDai will leverage UMA protocol to create derivatives on fiat currencies and enable them in supporting wallets. We currently have a reference implementation where sUSD can be transferred from the Ethereum Mainnet to the xDai chain and back. sUSD example.

L2 scalability for token transfers on xDai

​🎯 Target Date: Q1 2021

We will research adopting other platforms such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Eth2 and optimistic rollups deployed to xDai to implement a scalability solution on xDai. This will enable scaling of transfers (up to 1000x) for native tokens and synthetic tokens on top of xDai.

Consensus POSDAO Upgrade: Phase 2

​🎯 Target Date: Q2 2021 ☑ Status: In process. UI development and protocol enhancements ongoing, see the staking roadmap for more information.

To increase decentralization and enable a permissionless consensus process, the broader community will have the opportunity to participate as validators and/or delegators in the consensus process.

POSDAO Phase 3

​🎯 Target Date: Q4 2021

A chain created specifically to leverage POSDAO, HoneyBadger BFT and Multi-Collateral DAI. This network will be designed from the ground up with our collaborative partners LUKSO and ARTIS to leverage STAKE tokens and HBBFT consensus.

Change Log




  • Switch Fiat integration to Wyre

  • Add Bridge Governance Expansion

  • Revise public POSDAO targets from Q4 2020 to Q2 2021 to devote resources to Optimistic Bridge development.

  • Add distributions dashboard to EasyStaking Liquidity Pool analytics

  • Adjust order of items to reflect prioritization


  • Update EasyStaking status to Completed

  • Adjust POSDAO consensus upgrade target to Q4 2020

  • Adjust Privacy Preserving transactions to Q3-Q4

  • Added LP Analytics to Q3 2020

  • Added Multi-Token Bridge to Q3 2020



  • Added EasyStaking Q3

  • Updated Synthetic Assets to 50% complete

  • Adjusted target date for L2 scalability to Q1 2021

  • Renamed NG to POSDAO Phase 3, adjusted target date to Q2 2021