2021 Base Roadmap

2021 Base Roadmap

We continue to add items and adjust priorities as the year unfolds. See the 2020 Roadmap for items completed in 2020, and the changelog for any adjustments and additions.

Last update: April 13, 2021 | Changelog​

The xDai project roadmap is a high-level strategic plan designed to guide xDai research and development. Target dates and details are reviewed regularly by the team and subject to move, adjust and change as the project evolves. Note that only completed items ( βœ… Status: Complete) are considered achieved project milestones.

If you have a direction you would like the xDai team to explore on our roadmap, consider adding a post to our forum to begin the discussion.

EasyStaking, POSDAO and Liquidity Pool Analytics

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q1 2021 βœ…Status: MVP Complete. Additions and improvements ongoing.

Analytics or EasyStaking rewards Liquidity Pool (LP) participants, stakers in the EasyStaking protocol and POSDAO stakers. Rewards fluctuate based on numerous factors, and additional analytics and dashboards for LPs will be useful for determining staking strategies, reviewing historical outcomes and viewing current statistics.

We will integrate statistics views for the EasyStaking platform and POSDAO as well as develop additional analytics tools (currently exploring options like Dune Analytics). We will continue to add stats and views for stakers on all platforms.

xDai Grant Program

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q2 2021 β˜‘ Status: In Process

Once the Ecosystem Fund unlock begins, we will finalize the program and begin accepting applications for developers and projects requiring support for wave 1 of the Grants Program.

Establish Bug Bounty for High Value Contracts

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q2 2021 βœ…Status: Program Established with Immunefi​

The first bounty is for OmniBridge contracts with a potential reward of $2,000,000 for critical bug discovery. We will continue to add additional bounties for other infrastructure including EasyStaking and POSDAO consensus contracts.

Improve STAKE Governance Processes

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q2 2021 βœ…Status: Improved Snapshot Compatibility with xDai, process optimizations ongoing. More Details​

STAKE is used for community signaling with snapshot, and STAKE held on xDai is important for this process to reflect community sentiment. STAKE holders on xDai include POSDAO delegators and validators, perhaps the biggest supporters of the chain. There is a vital need to include these holders in the governance process. Snapshot compatibility will be expanded to include STAKE on xDai and STAKE currently staked in the POSDAO protocol. In addition, the governance process will be optimized to facilitate more community driven proposals and voting for the Ecosystem Fund allocation.

Berlin HF activation and client updates

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q2 2021 β˜‘Status: Planned for mid-late April 2021

OpenEthereum is now running 3.2.2-rc.1-stable and it includes the latest xDai POSDAO features. xDai validators will upgrade to the latest build, with several also migrating to the Nethermind client to support client diversity on xDai. We plan to activate the Berlin hard fork shortly after it goes live on the Ethereum mainnet. The exact date is TBD but planned to be completed by the end of April.

POSDAO Staking Application Improvements

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q2 β˜‘ Status: Ongoing, security audit in queue

​POSDAO v0.2.2 was released on March 18, 2021 and is now in queue for an additional security audit. POSDAO support is now included with the latest OpenEthereum release. Additional validator pool metadata was added to the interface.

Privacy Preserving Transactions

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q2-Q3 2021 β˜‘ Status: In process, defining requirements and exploring approaches

Implementation of additional zero-knowledge protocols and private transactions into xDai.

Since xDai is a stable token, the primary use of the chain is peer-to-peer payments. Just as with cash, privacy and anonymity should be an option when exchanging money or paying vendors for services.

Currently, Tornado.cash is available to users to ensure Dai anonymity on the Ethereum mainnet. Dai can be used with tornado.cash before and after bridging to xDai to ensure transaction anonymity. However, it is not available directly on xDai.

We plan to research and implement privacy preserving transactions on xDai directly, as well as enable privacy for STAKE transactions, allowing for anonymous staking on xDai and Ethereum. We have invested in several different approaches to implement different ZK protocols into xDai based applications and wallets.

Update: We are currently working on a ZeroPool integration with the bridge infrastructure to provide transaction encryption capabilities.

EIP-1559 Test Implementation

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q2 2021 β˜‘ Status: Research and implementation details in progress

We are planning to implement a test implementation of EIP 1559 to explore its dynamics and benefits for the xDai chain as well as the broader Ethereum ecosystem. With successful testing, we plan to activate on xDai. More details available soon.

OmniBridge Phase 2

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q1-Q2 2021 β˜‘ Status: Security Audit for Phase 2 now in process.

Additional features will be added including bi-directional support (ability to move tokens minted on xDai to Ethereum) and additional decentralization mechanisms (governance, additional validators, user-enabled signature execution).

Universal NFT Bridge

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q1-Q2 2021 β˜‘ Status: In process

An NFT bridge to allow users easy portability between xDai and Ethereum for all ERC721 tokens. This will improve interoperability and provide options for NFT minting and cross-chain transfers.

Update: Bridge is operational, UI is in development. More information​

L2 scalability and composability for token transfers on xDai

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q2 2021

We will research adopting other platforms such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Eth2 and optimistic rollups deployed to xDai to implement a scalability solution on xDai. This will enable scaling of transfers (up to 1000x) for native tokens and synthetic tokens on top of xDai.

POSDAO Phase 3

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q4 2021

A chain created specifically to leverage POSDAO, HoneyBadger BFT and Multi-Collateral DAI. This network will be designed from the ground up with our collaborative partners LUKSO and ARTIS to leverage STAKE tokens and HBBFT consensus.

Synthetic Asset Exploration and Implementation

β€‹πŸŽ― Target Date: Q4 2021 β˜‘ Status: In process. 50% implementation with additional research upcoming.

Explore and implement collateral-based synthetic asset creation on xDai. We plan to leverage an UMA-based protocol. UMA (Universal Market Access) is an open-source infrastructure for deploying and enforcing synthetic assets.

There is currently a reference implementation where sUSD can be transferred from the Ethereum Mainnet to the xDai chain and back. sUSD example.

Change Log





  • Move Synthetic Asset Exploration to Q4.

  • Add ZeroPool integration to private transactions item.

  • Add POSDAO Staking Application Improvements (ongoing).

  • Add EIP 1559 test implementation.



  • Add Improve STAKE governance process

  • Adjust target dates for synthetic assets & private txs

  • Add Berlin Hard Fork


  • Separate 2020 and 2021 Roadmaps to their own pages

  • Added Ecosystem Fund Roadmap as secondary page

  • Add Bug Bounty Program

  • Add Grants Program

  • Update to NFT Bridge item



  • Organize 2020 items to completed, add preliminary 2021 Items

  • Adjust target dates for some 2021 items

  • Add NFT bridge