Rollup Researcher

About this position:

We are looking for a L2 scalability solutions researcher to help to build a rollup based environment which will be used by our projects and 3rd party teams. As part of the team, you'll be responsible for researching existing rollup solutions and adapting them for the requirements specific for particular applications (application specific rollups): performance, new opcodes, availability, tooling.

Who you are:

  • Your values align with the Ethereum ecosystem. Even if you are new to the space, you are interested in open source collaboration and decentralized systems
  • You are skilled at communicating on a remote, global team. You are comfortable using both synchronistic and a-synchronistic methods of communication
  • Computer Science Degree (may be ongoing), focus on security and networks
  • Knowledge of Blockchain technologies
  • Understanding of Ethereum Virtual Machine essentials: stack machine, execution environment, storage arrangement
  • Ability to adapt to reading and analyzing code in different languages (most common are Solidity, Javascript, and Go)
  • Experience in Solidity/Vyper: contracts compilation and deployment, ABI encoding, interaction with contracts by JSON RPC
  • Understanding and experience working with existing L2s such as Arbitrum and/or Optimism is a plus
  • Experience with docker/docker-compose is a plus
  • English - Intermediate+, you will need to read and write documentation, communicate and collaborate in English

What you’ll do:

  • Review codebases related to L2s in an effort to learn the solutions, understand the architecture and the concepts
  • Perform research of existing rollup solutions
  • Modification/adaption of rollups core and contracts as well as the development of new functionality
  • Development of the deployment procedures
  • Work on tooling to simplify the solution adoption

What we can offer you:

  • Be an integral member of a strong engineering team
  • Opportunity to create the most innovative and exciting products on the crypto market
  • Highly competitive salary
  • Attendance opportunities at Ethereum and project-based conferences and events
  • Culture of learning and growth within the blockchain space
  • Flexibility and autonomy in a decentralized work environment
  • This is a full-time position that is 100% remote. Work from anywhere in the world. EU time zone is preferable
  • Compensation in crypto or fiat

How to apply

If you are interested in this position, please send us your CV and a cover letter to mailto: [email protected]