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General Information and links

General Information

Block Size

Block Speed

Gas price


Native token

Network ID

10,000,000 Gas

5 sec

1 GWei




Blockchain Explorer

BlockScout is the official blockchain explorer for the xDai Chain

With BlockScout you can

  • view blocks, transactions, accounts, balances, token transfers

  • access blockchaindata via API

  • read and verify smart contracts

JSON RPC endpoints

There are endpoints provided by POA and Nodesmith. They are used to connect to the network.



Network ID


Nodesmith RPC

Bridge Dai <> xDai

Bridge is required to move locked Dai from Ethereum and mint xDai on xDai Chain

You can access the bridge via:

Additional resources

Tutorial on how to use GasRelay in your Dapp by Portis. With a few lines of code, gas fees are shifted to DApp owners rather than users, creating an intuitive user experience.

WebSockets Endpoint (can be useful to setup BlockScout for xDai) wss://

Archive Fullnode Endpoint (Useful for setting up BlockScout for xDai)

Chain spec files and known bootnodes of the xDai network

Netstats, an overview of xDai Chain nodes

DApps Deployed to xDai: Partial list of deployed DApps along with statistics and links: