API & SQL Access with AnyBlock Analytics

AnyBlock Analytics (eth.events) offers access to xDai through ElasticSearch and the ability to query a SQL Database.

1) Go to https://account.anyblock.tools/auth/login/ and sign up for a free account.

Login to create an account

2) You will receive an API key and SQL username/password.


For example, this curl query will show us data about the last 2 blocks.

curl -X POST \
https://api.eth.events/ethereum/xdai/mainnet/es/block/search/ \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer $mytoken' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"sort": {
"number.num": "desc"
"size": 2

SQL Access

1) Download a SQL client Anyblock Analytics favors PGAdmin4

2) Click on Server -> Create -> Server

3) In the General Tab, choose a Name for your server instance

4) Go to the Connection Tab, and fill in the information from your AnyBlock Analytics Account and click Save:

Host name.address




Maintenance database

ethereum_ethereum_mainnet (or another db from the list)





5) You will see a list of all databases.

  1. Click on ethereum_poa_xdai to interact with xDai data.

  2. To Query the DB, go to Tools -> Query Tool

Access the Query Tool

6) Try a Query!

  1. Check you are in the xDai database

  2. Enter your Query (this query shows info about the most recent block)

  3. Click the lighting icon to execute

  4. Output from query

Run query with the lightning icon

7) Explore different queries and information in the SQL documentation and tutorials available here: https://www.anyblockanalytics.com/blog/basic-sql-usage-examples/

Example Query to find transactions for the EternalStorageProxy token contract

WHERE tx.to = '0x7301CFA0e1756B71869E93d4e4Dca5c7d0eb0AA6'