Airdrop tokens to an address set

When distributing a group of wallets, you will likely want to supply them with xDai (for gas or event purchases) and event based tokens

1) Go to the Distribution page and select the address set you created in the Address Sets instruction. Click on ADD ASSET FOR AIR DROP on the Account Set page.

2) A popup displays all current tokens, including any you have created. Select a token to add. If you are using the xDai network for your Burner wallet, add a little xDai so wallets can pay for transactions. (If you are testing use Kovan or Gorli test eth). Add token.

3) Once added, you will see xDai: 0 balance for all accounts. Press Distribute Funds.

4) The Airdrop xDai popup will appear. You can send any amount to this contract address - the amount will be evenly distributed among all wallets in the set. For example, if you send 1 xDai and you have 100 wallets, each wallet will receive $.01 xDai. For a 1 day event, $.01 xDai is typically enough for each wallet, but you may want to add an extra cent or two depending on the number of participants. Each cent will cover ~500 transactions.

If you use Send with MetaMask, your MetaMask (or Nifty Wallet) account should be connected to the xDai chain, and the wallet should contain more than 1 xDai. It will default to sending 1 xDai to distribute among all wallets.

Check the gas price when sending and adjust to 1-2 Gwei before submitting

5) To add a second token, repeat steps 1-2, selecting a second token. In this case we select the unbacked "Spork" token.

6) Press Distribute Funds.

7) Enter the number of tokens to send to each address. Since SPORK is an unbacked token, any amount (up to the maximum specified when creating a token) can be minted and distributed. Click MINT.

8) Each address will populate with the distributed tokens.

Wallets addresses are now supplied with initial token amounts. You can return to this page to add additional funds/tokens to wallet addresses at any time. Next, you may want to distribute paper wallets.