Distribute Paper Wallets

Distribute loaded paper wallets to crypto event participants

1) Go to the Distribution page and select the Address Set you created in the Address Sets instruction. Click on PRINT/DOWNLOAD PAPER WALLETS on the Account Set page.

2) A popup will open with wallet details. Name your Paper Wallet in the Title field. All paper wallets will populate with this name.

3) The default wallets shown contain QR codes of private keys. Users can scan into an existing crypto wallet, and a new address will be added containing tokens you have airdropped. This works well for the crypto-initiated. Users may need to add the token contract addresses to their wallet in order to view.

To create QR codes that will open a Burner Wallet (a browser wallet containing assets generated when you created a wallet, better for newer users) press the wallet url dropdown. Select a deployed wallet from the list of wallets you have created.

If addresses are supplied with tokens, make sure the wallet you created also includes this token. If needed, you can go to Wallets -> Wallet Name -> Assets and add the token. You will need to Build and Deploy the wallet again to include the token.

4) Your wallets are ready to distribute. You can either:

  • Print Wallet: Currently, you can print strips of 6 wallets per page. Each one contains a unique address and private key. Encourage participants to secure these wallets and keep them secret, as anyone can scan in the QR to access and use the tokens.

  • Download QR Zip: This will download only the QR images. You can then distribute these as you see fit (for example on the back of a chip or electronically).

5) When a user scans a Wallet URL, a new Burner Wallet opens in their browser, populated with the distributed tokens and ready for use.