Creating a Quick Burner Wallet

Creating a quick wallet for your event is easy with Burner Factory. A step-by-step guide walks you through the process including deployment.

The following instructions are for creating an xDai/DAI/Eth wallet (along with a little POA20 for good measure🙂). If you want to create a wallet with a custom token, see Creating your own Burner Wallet Token.

1) Go to If you don't have an account yet, sign up using your Github account (account username/password not yet functional)

Sign in with Github

2) Click on Get Started.

Start creating a new wallet

3) Enter a name for your wallet. This name will be displayed in the wallet header. Click Next.

Enter a name for you wallet

4) Choose your assets and tokens. You can create a new token or use existing assets. In this example, we select Use only existing assets to create a quick xDai wallet for an event. Click Next.

Use existing assets

5) The initial list will include ETH, Dai and xDai. You can remove these or add from a list of other available tokens. To add an additional token:

a) Click Add Token.

Add Token

b) Select any token(s) from the list. The list includes USDC, POA20, POA, Wrapped Bitcoin, and several test tokens (Kovan ETH, Kovan Dai, Goerli ETH).

c) We add POA20 in this example. Click Next to continue.

Add tokens, then click Next.

6) Add or remove plugins. The default wallet ships with the following plugins:

  • ENS (Ethereum Name Service)

    Display ENS names in place of addresses, enter ENS names when sending a transaction

  • ERC681 - Transaction Request Protocol

    Accept payment request QR codes from other wallets

  • Recent Accounts

    Suggest recent addresses to the user when sending a transaction

Additional available plugins (more coming soon)

  • Carbon

    Purchase crypto using credit cards (not available in USA)

Add Carbon by clicking Add Plugin and selecting Carbon from the list. Click Next to continue.

Select Carbon from the Add Plugin modal

7) Enter a subdomain for your wallet. This is the address where users will access the wallet. Click Set Subdomain once your name is set.

8) Click Publish Later to wait, or Publish Now to start deployment.

Publish Now
Building Application

9) Visit your wallet at the provided URL. If you are connected to a web3 wallet (like MetaMask or Nifty Wallet), your connected address / assets will display. If not, you will have a clean wallet ready for xDai and other token loading!

Your New Wallet.

Future tutorials will cover Generating Paper Wallets, purchasing crypto with Carbon, creating custom tokens, and other functionality.