Creating airdrops via Linkdrop

Links are simple to generate in bulk via the Linkdrop interface

1) Open the Linkdrop website and connect your Metamask to xDai. To distribute xDai via an airdrop, select ERC20 Campaign and click Create.

Select ERC20 Campaign to create an xDai airdrop

2) Choose the xDAI token, amount to distribute for each link, and total links to distribute, and click Next.

Enter in distribution amounts. Total will display in right column.

3) The campaign summary will display. If correct, press Send & Continue. Otherwise, press the back button to change the parameters.

Campaign summary

4) A MetaMask window will pop-up to confirm the transaction. Click Submit to proceed.

MetaMask window to confirm the transaction

5) The Campaign is created. For a quick view of links, click the Download CSV button.

Click Download CSV for a quick view. Linkdrop SDK provides more advanced functionality

6) Open the CSV to view and copy links.

CSV with 1 link populated per row

7) Links can now be sent as airdrops. Each link can be claimed once.

Generated link example:

To claim, see the instructions for getting airdrops via Linkdrop.