Creating Airdrops with Token MultiSender

The perfect app for airdrops, populating burner wallets, or other occasions for sending xDai / ERC20 tokens to a group of addresses.

Token MultiSender is an efficient tool for sending airdrops to a large (or small) group of addresses. It bulk processes transfers into a small number of transactions, and distributes tokens for minimal fees. Token MultiSender supports the xDai Chain as well as the Ethereum mainnet, testnets, POA Network and others to send native or ERC20 tokens.

In the following tutorial, we will airdrop xDai to a small number of addresses.

When processing a large amount of addresses, transfers will be split into a small number of transactions (up to 400+ per transaction). For an example which sends ERC20 tokens to 1500 addresses and includes additional functionality, see the MultiSender video tutorial.

1) Go to You will be prompted to connect with your web3 enabled Ethereum wallet. Click Connect.

Connection options include include MetaMask, Portis or Squarelink. In this tutorial, we use Nifty Wallet, which functions in a similar way to Metamask. Make sure your Nifty wallet is open and connected to the right account, then select MetaMask from the icons list.

If using MetaMask, you will need to add xDai to the custom RPC list.

Select your web3 wallet connection

2) Select the token to airdrop. You can choose to send any token you have in your wallet - the list of your tokens will appear in the dropdown. We will choose to send xDai - xDai Native Currency. Decimals will populate automatically (18) and Deflationary will be locked to no (this is only used for specially designated tokens where a % of the supply is burned on every transaction)

Select a token to airdrop

3) Enter in the list of Addresses and Amounts amounts will be sent to - one address,amount per line. For example:

0x7358ab3796a307fDe6961Ed10b92421c2F6dC871,0.01 0x8d61994A367df9FD41C0eBF93b62BD677fA5D60B,0.02 The list can be imported from a CSV file or entered manually.

Note that amounts less than 1 unit must be start with a 0 (for example .50 should be written as 0.50). There should be no spaces between the address and amount, only comma separated.

Token addresses and amounts to send

4) Push Strategy will be auto-selected for sending xDai. Click the Send button to initiate the process.

5) You will be forwarded to a summary screen which displays information about the airdrop. Gwei will default to 2 Gwei, change to 1 to save a small amount on transaction costs. Click Proceed to continue.

Change to 1 Gwei for xDai transactions. Click Proceed to initiate the transaction.

6) Your web3 wallet will open to confirm the transaction. Click Submit to confirm.

Click Submit to confirm the transaction in Nifty Wallet

7) The transaction(s) will also be confirmed within seconds on the MultiSender page.

Confirmation received in MultiSender

8) Check BlockScout for additional details about the transaction if desired.

Transaction details in BlockScout