Grants for building on xDai
Wave 1 is open for early applications
Wave 1 of the xDai Grants Program is now accepting early applications! We are looking to help support projects that bring new features and functionality to the xDai stable chain. If you have a new idea, a new implementation, or an exciting use-case for xDai, we want to hear about it! To start we are collecting project ideas and will be implementing a follow-up process soon.
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The xDai Ecosytem Fund will be used to support projects that bring value to the xDai ecosystem and users. For wave 1 the fund will provide up to 43,000 STAKE to recipients. We are especially interested in experimental projects, new games, DAO initiatives, applications for new crytpo users, NFTs, DeFi apps, projects that support current projects, and new categories we haven't even thought of yet!
xDai is a place for exploration where new ideas can flourish thanks to the stable transaction model. We would love to help bring your project to life and introduce new users to the next generation of DApps and forward-facing projects on the xDai network!
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