xDai Adoption Fund

Receive funding to build the next great DApp on xDai

Grant Program will reopen in Q2 2021. Stay tuned for details.

The xDai ecosystem is growing, and we are looking to fund DApps that bring new features, functionality and use-cases to the xDAi chain, as well as projects that provide enhancements to the current infrastructure. New features and applications are vital to increase adoption, and we provide financial support to interesting projects.

Applications are available from the form below, please provide a thorough description of your project, how it will contribute to xDai's growth, and your projected funding requirements.

Latest Recipient:

Burner Wallet 2: The next evolution in the Burner Wallet(BW)! We've provided a $ 5,000 DAI grant to David Mihal to continue development on this tool, including a plugin that will make fiat -> xDai conversion a simple process, and a second plugin to support sending and receiving xDai through LinkDrop.

Burner Wallet 2 was used at Devcon 5 and EthWaterloo to power food & beverage purchases, games, and other conference functionality.