Previous Grant Recipients
Projects receiving funds from prior xDai Grants
The xDai grants program was previously broken down into 2 categories. 1 funding category for general adoption and a second for a ZK privacy Initiative. Projects below received funding from these grants. A new grant initiative is now open to fuel the next generation of Dapps and features on xDai. Apply here!

Previous General Adoption Recipient

Burner Wallet 2: The next evolution in the Burner Wallet(BW)! We provided a $ 5,000 DAI grant to David Mihal to continue development on this tool, including a plugin that will make fiat -> xDai conversion a simple process, and a second plugin to support sending and receiving xDai through LinkDrop.
Burner Wallet 2 was used at Devcon 5 and EthWaterloo to power food & beverage purchases, games, and other conference functionality.

Previous ZK fund recipients

A grant to fund ZK applications on xDai and other Layer 2 sidechains. ZK proofs offer the ability for users to make private transactions. Why implement on xDai? Since xDai is a stable token, a primary use of the chain is peer-to-peer payments. Just as with cash, privacy should be an option when exchanging money or paying vendors for services. ZK protocols allow users to use xDai freely and anonymously.
Distributions were made to the following projects
  • 30k Dai to Austin Griffith to implement ZK transactions in Burner Wallet
  • 10k Dai to Poketto team to implement ZK transactions in Poketto Cash wallet
  • 1.55mm POA (~22k Dai) to Tornado Cash team to deploy Tornado on xDai Chain
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