ZK (Zero Knowledge) Privacy Fund

Receive funding to integrate ZK protocols into xDai applications and wallets

Grant Program will reopen in Q2 2021. Stay tuned for details.

A grant to fund ZK applications on xDai and other Layer 2 sidechains. ZK proofs offer the ability for users to make private transactions.

Why implement on xDai? Since xDai is a stable token, a primary use of the chain is peer-to-peer payments. Just as with cash, privacy should be an option when exchanging money or paying vendors for services. ZK protocols allow users to use xDai freely and anonymously.

To date, we have already distributed:

  • 30k Dai to Austin Griffith to implement ZK transactions in Burner Wallet

  • 10k Dai to Poketto team to implement ZK transactions in Poketto Cash wallet

  • 1.55mm POA (~22k Dai) to Tornado Cash team to deploy Tornado on xDai Chain

ZK Privacy Fund distribution

Learn more here: https://forum.poa.network/t/introducing-the-poa-zero-knowledge-fund/2698