OpenEthereum (formerly Parity)

xDai with POSDAO runs on OpenEthereum v3.0.0

Install OpenEthereum

You can build from source or download a binary release, see the official 3.0 Releases Page for download information for Linux, Mac & Windows.

Binary Instructions

These instructions are copied from the OpenEthereum wiki at

  • Linux

    • Download the latest release from the link above

    • Make the parity file executable by running chmod u+x parity

    • Launch Parity Ethereum: ./parity --chain xdai --no-warp

  • Mac

    • Download the mac binary.

    • Open a terminal and navigate to the directory using cd /path/to/binary/folder/.

    • Make the binary executable by running chmod +x parity.

    • You can now double click on the binary.

  • Windows Download the binary and double click on it.


For Linux systems:

  • Ubuntu, Debian

    $ apt-get install build-essential cmake libudev-dev
  • CentOS

    $ yum install libudev-devel
    $ yum group install "Development Tools"

Once Parity is Installed, Connect and Sync with xDai

parity --chain xdai --no-warp


If you would like to limit or choose specific bootnodes, you can obtain the bootnodes.txt file from POA github:

git clone -b dai

enter all supplied enodes for the desired network separated by a comma, no space

parity --chain xdai --bootnodes enode://[email protected]:PORT,enode://[email protected]:PORT

Connect to your Node

You can use Ethereum's JSON-RPC or a JavaScript console:

Smart contract development

You can use Remix connected to a local OpenEthereum full node for smart contracts development and deployment. Make sure that Remix is allowed to connect to your node by setting up the right JSON-RPC cors policy.