Stable Chain Network Deployment
Instructions for deploying a GC-like network on AWS
Stable Chain Deployment Instructions (AWS)
These advanced instructions are for developers interested in deploying their own GC-like (or other ERC20 Stable Token) Network. They are not required to run or interact with the Gnosis Chain. This process is a bit involved, so grab a
and settle in!
Note: These instructions were created in 2019 and may contain outdated information, including references to the xDai Chain (now called the Gnosis Chain). If you experience issues during installation, feel free to contact us on the Discord Channel.

The following topics cover an AWS deployment:

  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    ​AWS Initial Setup​
  3. 7.
  4. 8.
    ​Update spec.json​
  5. 9.
    ​Bridge Deployment​
  6. 11.
    ​Generate Keys​
  7. 12.
  8. 13.

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