Appendix D: Call Contract Methods using MyCrypto
This example is taken from 5) Reconfigure Instances. Once connection is established, you can skip to step 5 below.
1) Set a temporary zero fee in the Registry contract for registering addresses at the bootnode rpc.
a) Check the bootnode ip is accessible in a browser. Visit (using the bootnode's ip address). You may see a warning that the certificate is invalid. Click Advanced and proceed and unlock the browser. You should now see a message like "Used HTTP Method is not allowed. POST or OPTIONS is required". This means the bootnode is ready for the next step.
Click to Proceed and unlock the url
2) Go to in Google Chrome
3) Click on the network in the top right and select Add Custom Network/Node
4) Fill in information about your node.
  1. 1.
    Node name can be your choice
  2. 2.
    url is (using your bootnode ip)
  3. 3.
    Keep currency as ETH
  4. 4.
    Save and Use Custom Node
If you are experiencing issues connecting, set your web3 wallet (metamask) to the same bootnode network.
5) Set gas price to 0.
  • Open context menu (right click) for the Gas Price slider and choose Inspect
  • Change the value of min attribute of input html tag to 0 :
  • Close Chrome Developer Tools. Now, you can set zero gas price in the slider
6) Go to the Contracts Tab. Enter in the Registry Contract Address and the ABI for the Registrar Contract.
7) Select the setFee method using the MoC key. Under How to Access, use the json/Keystore file option to connect to your MOC keystore. Set the _amount to 0.
8) Submit the transaction. Fill in the default value for Gas, it may be adjusted (here the default was 30000 adjusted to 21400.
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