EasyStaking Parameters

In process

Easy Staking is currently under construction and undergoing significant modifications. A demo app is deployed on Kovan for testing purposes. Current parameters subject to change.



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Front-end Application


Minimum STAKE Deposit

10^-18 (0.000000000000000001 STAKE)

Maximum STAKE Deposit

No Maximum

Instant Withdrawal Fee

2%* + ETH gas fees

Instant Withdrawal Availability

STAKE returned to wallet immediately

Scheduled Withdrawal Fee

0% + ETH gas fees. Requires 2 transactions

1. Prepare withdrawal 2. Process during the scheduled withdrawal window.

Scheduled Withdrawal Availability

After 12 hours, funds are available to withdraw during the scheduled withdrawal window (also 12 hours). STAKE price is the price when withdrawn, not price when withdrawal is scheduled.

Scheduled Withdrawal Window

12 hours. Scheduled withdrawals are available to pull within this time period. If not withdrawn, they are returned to the protocol. APR is not reset if returned, funds continue to accrue emissions as before.

Staking APR

Up to 15%* APR based on 2 factors. 1. amount of time STAKE is locked in protocol (up to 7.5% based on sigmoid function) 2. total amount staked by all participants (up to 7.5%, based on a linear function)

<link to sigmoid functions when finalized>

Multiple Deposits

Supported. Each deposit event creates a separate deposit ID, you cannot add additional STAKE to a current deposit, a new ID is created for each deposit. Emission is accrued from time of deposit for each ID.

Partial Withdrawals

Supported. User can withdraw a partial amount from any deposit, and will receive the withdrawal amount + APR calculated at time of withdrawal. The remaining deposit amount will continue to accrue APR from that point.


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