Emission Rates
STAKE Emissions are minted at a total of 15% APR. Emissions are split between Stakers and Liquidity Providers (LP). Two factors determine the % accrued for each group.
  • Time-based: 7.5% total APR, split between Stakers and LPs. The amount of time an individual deposit has been staked in Easy Staking. A longer staking time for a deposit results in a higher APR for the Staker. Rewards for Stakers increase rapidly during the first several months and level out over time as they approach the 7.5% max based on a sigmoid function.
  • Supply-based: 7.5% total APR, split between Stakers and LPs. The total amount of STAKE in the pool from all Stakers. Larger amounts result in a higher APR for Stakers. Rewards increase in relation to the total amount staked vs the total supply (or by a factor between 0% and 100% of the total supply (totalSupplyFactor) if STAKE supply is a lot more than all STAKE holders currently have).

Rewards Calculator

In addition to the calculator for stakers on the EasyStaking site, StakingRewards.com offers an example calculator for Stakers and LPs!
From here you can select the Easy Staking or Liquidity Provider option, then adjust staking time, total amount staked and other parameters to see your anticipated rewards!


If a scheduled (timed) withdrawal with 0% fee occurs at the time-based point, the following rewards apply. If an instant withdrawal is processed, a fee is assessed on the total amount (deposit + emissions) and sent to the Liquidity Providers contract address prior to withdrawal.
Staker Deposit Amount
Time-based (tb)
Staker tb APR
Supply- based (sb)
Staker sb APR
Reward Staker Receives
Reward LPs Receive
1000 STAKE
28 days
2.134M out of 8.538M staked
4.91 STAKE
1000 * (4.53 + 1.875) / 100 * 28 / 365
6.59 STAKE
1000 * (15-(4.53 + 1.875)) / 100 * 28 / 365
5000 STAKE
48 days
2.134M out of 4.269M staked (totalSupplyFactor of 50% employed)
64.04 STAKE
5000 * (5.99 + 3.75) / 100 * 48 / 365
34.58 STAKE
5000 * (15-(5.99 + 3.75)) / 100 * 48 / 365
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