Basic Instructions
To begin, enable your web3wallet (such as MetaMask or NiftyWallet) with an address that contains both ETH (for gas fees) and STAKE (for staking). You can also use Wallet Connect with an enabled mobile wallet.
If you've sent STAKE to your wallet address but it is not showing up, add STAKE as a custom token. Then connect your wallet to the application.

Make A Deposit / Multi-Deposits

Check estimated emissions with the UI calculator and make a deposit from the deposit screen. Easy Staking has a multi-deposit feature where you can make as many deposits as you like and each one accrues interest based on the staking time.

Initiate a Withdrawal

Withdrawal Screenshots

Access withdrawals by clicking on details for any deposit.
There are two types of withdrawals - Instant and Scheduled. Select the type you would like and confirm in your web3 wallet.
  1. 1.
    A scheduled withdrawal is processed in 2 transactions. With the first transaction, you schedule the withdrawal. It will be available to withdraw after 12 hours, and for a limited 12 hour time frame once it is available. Scheduled withdrawals do not incur a percentage-based fee (but gas fees are assessed for both transactions).
  2. 2.
    An instant withdrawal is processed immediately and you are assessed a small fee (2%) to withdraw. The fee is sent to LP Providers in the STAKE/ETH pool.
Accrued emissions are calculated/added from the contract side and automatically added to your wallet based on your withdrawal amount. For example, if you remove 1/2 of your deposited STAKE, 1/2 of your accrued emissions will also be sent to your wallet.

Liquidity Providers

LP incentives are distributed to the top 100 providers on average every 7 days - the exact distribution date is randomized.
If you are interested in supplying Liquidity in the form of STAKE / ETH and earning staking rewards as an LP, you can add liquidity to the
Uniswap pool here:​
More details about liquidity provider rewards are available on the EasyStaking page.

Staking from a wallet without the UI

We recommend users use the UI for EasyStaking - method below is available for contract interaction and other integrations.
You can transact with the EasyStaking proxy contract directly by sending STAKE to 0xecbCd6D7264e3c9eAc24C7130Ed3cd2B38F5A7AD . Once your transaction is approved, you can connect your wallet to the Easy Staking UI to view staking details.
Note: Only send STAKE tokens to this address
Instructions are in process for additional functionality such as using a Gnosis Multi-sig wallet. For more details about Easy Staking, please see the EasyStaking page and the Parameters page.
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