Using WalletConnect with EasyStaking
EasyStaking is now enabled for WalletConnect. This allows you to interface with the application using a mobile wallet.
1) Go to https://easy-staking.xdaichain.com and click Connect wallet. If you are already connected with MetaMask and want to switch, click the wallet icon on the top right.
2) Click the WalletConnect Option. You will see a QR code.
3) Open your WalletConnect enabled wallet (list of wallets). In this example we use Trust Wallet. Click on the Settings icon.
4) Click on WalletConnect.
5) Your scanner will open (if not, enable it in your phone settings), scan the QR code from step 2. Connect in the mobile application.
6) Accounts will now be connected. Use the web interface to stake, withdraw etc then confirm transactions in your mobile wallet.
Confirm a transaction with your Trust Wallet connected through WalletConnect
Last modified 1yr ago
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