Stake is available in a variety of contexts for farming, lending and more.
The STAKE DeFi ecosystem is growing. Rewards are available for various activities related to liquidity provision and lending, and STAKE can be provided to various liquidity pools.

STAKE as Collateral

Use STAKE to receive loans in other currencies. Currently, STAKE is available for lending on the following protocols:
  • Agave on xDai: Receive rewards in AGVE and STAKE in addition to interest for providing collateral on Agave thanks to this incentives effort. You can lend or borrow STAKE as well as other assets here.
  • Kashi on xDai: STAKE can be used for lending or borrowing on this Sushi-based lending app.
  • Unit Protocol on Ethereum: Open a CDP (Collateralized Debt Position) with STAKE to borrow USDP.

STAKE Yield Farming

Farming on xDai

  • Sushiswap. Receive rewards in SUSHI and STAKE when providing liquidity to incentivized pools within the protocol.
The farms below on xDai also offer STAKE/2nd token pairs where you can add STAKE along with a second asset to a pool and receive fees and rewards. Farming reward tokens are protocol specific and additional reward tokens may be added in the future. Be sure to check each protocol to learn about their specific incentivization programs for yield farming.

On Ethereum

A STAKE/WETH pair is available on Uniswap v2. Note that LPs to this pool also receive STAKE due to the Easy Staking application. Learn more about this unique incentivization program here.
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