Application to swap STAKE for GNO on Ethereum Mainnet and Gnosis Chain:​


Note that the minimum Stake/ETH ratio of 0.003915512484 was only guaranteed through the end the auction (Dec 20). The auction is now complete and this rate is no longer guaranteed.


STAKE is available to swap with GNO on either the Gnosis Chain or the Ethereum Network. Instructions are similar for both Networks, you will connect your Wallet to the network you are swapping on, then proceed with the swap.
You will need an amount of ETH (when swapping on Ethereum) or xDai (when swapping on GC) to pay gas fees and complete the swap.
Instructions below are for swapping on the Gnosis chain (STAKE from Ethereum to GNO from Ethereum). To swap STAKE on the Ethereum chain, connect your wallet to Ethereum and follow the same process.

1. Swap STAKE to GNO on Gnosis Chain

1) Go to swap application at​

Press Connect wallet.

2) Select your wallet application of choice.

In this example we use MetaMask connected to the Gnosis Chain. Note you must have MetaMask enabled in your extensions to see this option.

3) Select xDai chain from the dropdown menu.

xDai Chain is the former name of the Gnosis Chain and is referenced in the UI. Networks settings etc are identical.
If using on Ethereum and connected to GC, use the same dropdown to switch between chains. STAKE values will be shown for the chain you are connected to.

4) Enter the amount you want to swap

Click Convert All to exchange all. After entering an amount, click Confirm to proceed.
You will need a small amount of xDai to process the transaction. If needed, you can get some at the community faucet at​

5) Confirm Transactions in MetaMask.

First transaction for signature request, 2nd to confirm the transfer.

6) Transaction is initiated and should be completed shortly.

Note: If swapping on GC and you want to send GNO to an exchange, it is vital to bridge GNO to Ethereum first using the Omnibridge. If you send GNO on xDai directly to an exchange address, your tokens WILL BE LOST.
From this final screen you can:
  1. 1.
    Check Transaction Details: Click to view In BlockScout (xDai) or Etherscan (Ethereum).
  2. 2.
    Add GNO to MetaMask: Click to add GNO token to your MetaMask wallet.
**If you are using a hardware wallet, make sure the firmware is up to date.**


GNO to STAKE Swap Contract on Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai): 0x918a1f8eE8F8f9E0802071929ce5fe9EfF60aC8C\
GNO to STAKE Swap Contract on Ethereum Mainnet: 0x7f30a53f290fc551a089bd83107906be649a92bd\