How to get STAKE Tokens
Exchanges, DEXS and other resources
STAKE is being phased out in favor of GNO. Please see the swap page for more details. STAKE supply will continue to be limited on exchanges (centralized and decentralized) as the swap continues.
STAKE exists on both the Ethereum Mainnet and the xDai chain (with a different token address on each chain). See below for ways to acquire depending on the chain.
STAKE on Ethereum
STAKE on xDai

STAKE on Ethereum

STAKE token address on Ethereum 0x0Ae055097C6d159879521C384F1D2123D1f195e6​

CEX (Centralized Exchange)

Additional exchanges listing STAKE are shown on the CoinGecko page.

DEX (Decentralized Exchanges)


You can bridge STAKE on xDai to STAKE on Ethereum with the Omnibridge.

STAKE on xDai

STAKE on xDai follows the OmniBridge naming convention, and is called STAKE from Ethereum.
The STAKE address on xDai is: 0xb7D311E2Eb55F2f68a9440da38e7989210b9A05e​


Move STAKE from Ethereum to xDai using the OmniBridge.


Use Honeyswap to acquire STAKE directly on xDai.
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