Add STAKE to MetaMask

On Ethereum Mainnet

If using a hardware wallet to store your tokens (Ledger, Trezor) you can connect it to MetaMask rather than importing your account. Connecting MetaMask instructions:​
1) Add the STAKE token to your wallet
a) Click on the top left Menu 三 then press Add token
b) Use the Search Function to find STAKE. If this doesn't work for some reason, use the Custom Token item and enter in the STAKE Token address. The remaining details will autopopulate. Click Next.
8c) Click Add Tokens to add to your wallet view. You will have 0 STAKE tokens to start. In the next steps, you will add STAKE to your wallet.

On xDai Chain

The STAKE address on xDai (STAKE from Ethereum) is different from the STAKE address on Mainnet. Follow the same process as above to add a custom token, with the following changes.
  1. 2.
    The STAKE from Ethereum address on xDai is: 0xb7D311E2Eb55F2f68a9440da38e7989210b9A05e​
You can also add STAKE directly from BlockScout, by clicking on the fox icon and following the prompts.
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