Claim STAKE: Advisors

STAKE token address on Ethereum 0x0Ae055097C6d159879521C384F1D2123D1f195e6

Tokens will not be available until 84 days post listing. Instructions will be updated prior to that time.

Release Schedule

  • Advisors: 0% released at listing. Token release begins 84 days post listing and continues daily for 252 days.

Requirements for this tutorial: MetaMask, MyEtherWallet (MEW). You can use other methods (such as Nifty Wallet) to call contract functions if desired.

Metamask / MEW

1) Import your account to MetaMask. This is the account you used to obtain STAKE as an Advisor. You can use the private key or JSON file to import.

2) Add a small amount of ETH to your account to cover transactions.

3) Go to and login with MetaMask.

  1. Click Access My Wallet

  2. Select MEW CX (MetaMask)

  3. Accept Terms and continue

Access my Wallet is on previous Screen. This is the Connection Screen (2)

4) Go to Contract -> Interact With Contract in the side menu.

makeInstallment function

5) We will interact with the Distribution Contract to prepare an amount for withdrawal. The makeInstallment function is called to unlock and transfer amounts available for withdrawal. Amounts are available to unlock according to the release schedule.

Anyone can call makeInstallment. It unlocks the total amount of all funds (Investors or Advisors) within the schedule and transfers them to the appropriate contracts for withdrawal.

Each day following (for the next 224 days) a percentage of tokens is released, and each day this function may be called to prepare the corresponding amount for withdrawal.

If a day is skipped, that amount accrues. The total amount available for any role is unlocked within the schedule when the makeInstallment function is called.

5a) Enter Contract Information:

Contract Address & ABI
How to get the ABI code from Etherscan

5b) Next screen:

  1. Select the makeInstallment function from the dropdown menu.

  2. Enter a value in the _pool(unit8) field. This value depends on your role:

    1. Private Investor: 3

    2. Advisor: 4 Note: values can also release installments for the Ecosystem Fund: 1 or the Foundation Reward: 5

  3. Click Write.

5c) Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

Withdrawal to your wallet

6) Once makeInstallment has been called (or to access initial private funds), the withdraw function is used to move an available amount into your wallet. The withdraw function can be called any time after a single makeInstallment call or multiple makeInstallment calls.

To start, return to the Interact with Contract menu item and enter in the MultipleDistribution contract information.


Private Investor example

6a) Next Screen:

  1. Select the withdraw function from the dropdown menu

  2. Click Write.

6b) Confirm the transaction in MetaMask then Close the Success Message.

7) Checkout the transaction in EtherScan. The tx for this example withdrawal is: 0x4036f11613402b964fa2602d6d849b2af00b52403c5ac625977c68d52374c2c5

Add STAKE token to MetaMask

8) Tokens are now transferred to your wallet! To view, add the token to Metamask

8a) Click on the Menu and select Add token

8b) Click Custom Token and enter in the STAKE Token address. The remaining details will autopopulate. Click Next.

8c) Click Add Tokens to add to your wallet view. You can now use or send STAKE as you would any other ERC20 token.