Dual Token Model Explainer
xDai for stable transactions, STAKE for protocol protection
The dual token model was created to preserve xDai's stable transactional capacity while supporting incentives for stakers (validators & delegators) and governance capacity for the network.
xDai, the stable native coin allows users to predict fees and conduct transactions where prices will not fluctuate by large margins. This is ideal for payments.
STAKE creates incentives for validators and their delegators though token emissions. While there is volatility with this token, it is not a transaction-based asset. Like other tokens, the price is determined by supply and demand in the Ethereum ecosystem.
Stable payments
Staking & Protocol Protection
Stable to USD
Volatile / Market Driven
Locked from Dai - 80M+ supply
Total Supply 8,537,500 + APR. See distribution for unlocks.
Trade Dai on ETH Mainnet, convert to xDai through Bridge
Trade STAKE on ETH Mainnet, convert to xDai STAKE through Bridge
To provide block rewards, STAKE locked in the protocol accrues a 15% Annual Percentage Rate. The block reward provides incentives for validators and delegators to continue staking. Additional rewards are also provided through separate mechanisms. See rewards in a dual token environment for more details.
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