STAKE Token Contracts

Deployed STAKE Contracts

Contracts corresponding to STAKE and distribution roles have been deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet. All contracts are verified in Etherscan. Funds in contracts below are available according to the release schedule (e.g. a certain % is released each day).
The Distribution Contract is called with the corresponding number value below (e.g. 3 for private offering) to prepare/initialize funds for withdrawal. Once initialized, fund participants can pull available amounts to their wallets. See Private Investor claiming and Advisor claiming for details. All contracts below are on Ethereum mainnet with the exception of STAKE Token on xDai provided for reference purposes.
Contract Type
STAKE Token on Ethereum
STAKE Token on xDai (STAKE from Ethereum)
Distribution Contract (DC) Prepares available withdrawal amounts in Investor/Fund Contracts
(3) Private Offering
25% released at listing (492,737.75) 10% at day 28 65% daily for next 224 days
(4) Advisor Begins 84 days post listing Daily for 252 days

Funds / Public Contracts

Fund & Public Contracts
(1) Ecosystem Fund
Begins 336 days post listing, continues daily for 336 days
(5) Foundation Reward Begins 84 days post listing, Daily for 252 days
(2) Public Offering
100% released at listing
(6) Liquidity Fund
100% released at listing

Burn Addresses

The STAKE circulating supply is decreasing due to the STAKE/GNO swap. Supply does not include tokens sent to the following addresses (burn or swap addresses).
Burn Address 1
Burn Address 2
Burn Address 3
Burn Address 4
Eth2 Deposit Contract