Token release schedule
Tokens will be released according to the schedule below, with daily distribution after they are unlocked. Once released, tokens will be available on an ad-hoc, daily basis. They will not be automatically distributed (PUSH strategy), but available on request (PULL strategy).
Update: Contracts are deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet and verified in Etherscan. See each category for a link to the associated contract, several funds share a contract.
See Unlock Dates & Circulating Supply for additional information.

Ecosystem Fund

Used to foster adoption and provide funding for applications.
  • Total: 4,000,000
  • Locked for first 336 days following token listing
  • Released at day 336: 800,000 (20%)
  • Released for following 336 days starting at day 337: ~9,523 daily.

Foundation Reward

The foundation reward recognizes founders and partners.
  • Total: 699,049
  • Locked for first 84 days following token listing
  • Released at day 84: 139,809 (20%).
  • Released for following 252 days starting at day 85: ~2,219 daily.

Advisors Reward

Advisors will sign a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) contract to promote transparency.
  • Total: 651,000
  • Locked for first 84 days following token listing
  • Released at day 84: 130,200 (20%).
  • Released for following 252 days starting at day 85: ~2,066 daily.

Private Investors Offering Round

An exclusive offering available to a group of pre-approved investors.
  • Total: 1,970,951. This includes 1,408,451 offered in an initial seed round and 562,500 offered in a second round.
  • Released at listing: 492,737.75 (25%)
  • Released at day 28 following the listing: 197,095.1 (10%)
  • Released for following 224 days starting at day 29: ~5,719.2 daily

Public Offering

400,000 offered offered in the public auction round.

Liquidity Fund

Exchange listings and market maker services require additional fees. The liquidity fund will support these activities to ensure token availability through exchanges. This fund will also provide staking tokens to initial validators onboarded prior to the transition (Number of validators * 20,000 STAKE per validator). Initial onboarding tokens will be burned following the distribution by sending them to 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Update: Funds are initialized for distribution on listing, including 260,000 tokens burned (13 validators X 20k Stake).

Minted STAKE

Once the staking application launches, additional STAKE will be minted as a reward for validators and delegators of the protocol. The initial target range is up to 15% APR of STAKE placed in the protocol.
  • Total: up to 15% APR on staked amount
  • Released at Day 84: Reward minting begins with EasyStaking​
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