Staking Protocol / Tutorials

Staking is coming soon to xDai!

POSDAO Public Staking is not here yet (anticipated Q4 2020), but we are gathering documentation related to the xDai staking processes. All pages in this section are currently under construction. For staking available now, see EasyStaking

  1. Tokens: You will need STAKE tokens for staking and xDai for any staking transactions (such as placing, moving or withdrawing stake) or other on-chain transactions.

  2. Become a Delegator. Stake on current candidates and validators.

  3. Become a Candidate: Configure an xDai node and place the minimum required stake to become a candidate.

  4. Read the glossary for an overview of the protocol and explanation of terms and features.

  5. Contact us through the xDai Forum, our website or twitter for questions and assistance.