xDai TokenBridges provide multi-chain compatibility and interoperability
  • xDai Bridge: Bridge from Ethereum to the xDai network designed for the xDai native token. Convert Dai to xDai and bridge xDai to Dai on Ethereum.

  • Ethereum Omnibridge: Bridge ERC20 tokens between Ethereum and xDai.

  • Binance Smart Chain OmniBridge: Bridge ERC20s between BSC and xDai. Provides beta access to inexpensive interoperability.

For In-depth bridge specific documentation, please see the TokenBridge Docs.

With multi-chain bridging, there is a possibility that multiple instances of an underlying asset can be created on a single chain.

For example, USDT can be bridged to xDai from Ethereum and also bridged to xDai from BSC. This results in 2 separate USDT token instances on xDai. These tokens cannot be merged into a single instance once they are minted.

A suffix is added to the token name in BlockScout, specifying the origin chain of a bridged token (ie. from Ethereum, from BSC etc). Tags indicate a token is bridged, and which chain the token is bridged from. Users can click View Original Token to view the token on the chain of origin.

Tether on xDai: 1 is bridged from ETH, the other from BSC

Though not available for all tokens (pairs can be added as community need arises), swaps are available for certain cross-chain token pairs using -> Learn more here

We are working to further address this issue in a decentralized manner without requiring prior approval to bridge. Look for more details soon.